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Linux Command

  Command Description cat [filename] Display file’s contents to the standard output device (usually your monitor). cd /directorypath Change to directory. chmod [options] mode filename Change a file’s permissions. chown [options] filename Change who owns a file. clear Clear a command line screen/window for a fresh start. cp [options] source destination Copy files and directories. […]

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Linux Basic Commands

Command Example Description cat Sends file contents to standard output. This is a way to list the contents of short files to the screen. It works well with piping. cat .bashrc Sends the contents of the “.bashrc” file to the screen. cd Change directory cd /home Change the current working directory to /home. The ‘/’ […]

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Root Login in Ubuntu Desktop 16.04

The root Account in Ubuntu is disabled by default because his password is not set. But if you’d like to use root Account by some reason, it’s possible to use like follows. [1] The user account added during installation is set an administrative account with Sudo, so it’s easy to get root account’s shell like […]

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