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Python Syllabus

Introduction History Features Setting up path Working with Python Basic Syntax Variable and Data Types Operator Conditional Statements If If- else Nested if-else Looping For While Nested loops Control Statements Break Continue Pass String Manipulation Accessing Strings Basic Operations String slices Function and Methods Lists Introduction Accessing list Operations Working with lists Function and Methods […]

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Different Types of Test Cases in Software Testing

Their are Different Types of Test Cases in Software Testing but the mostly used test cases in software testing are 1.Functionality Test Cases 2.User Interface Test Cases 3.Performance Test Cases 4.Integration Test Cases 5.Usability Test cases 6.Database Testing Test Cases 7.Security Test Cases 8.User Acceptance Test cases 9.Unit test cases 1.Functionality Test Cases/Functional Test Case […]

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Important Selenium Interview Questions And Answers

Selenium Interview Question,Important Inte1) What is Selenium and what is Selenium composed of? Selenium is a  test suite of  for automated web testing.  It is composed of   Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) :  It is record and run tool for recording and playing back o execution.  It is a firefox plugin. WebDriver and RC:  It […]

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