Access Modifiers in Java

In java their are 4 access modifiers public,protected,<default>,<package>,private

  • Public-Public  is the access modifiers which shows the highest visibility any class member declare as public can be visible
    1.Within the class.
    2.Within the package.
    3.Outside the package.
  • Protected-Any class member declare as protected are visible
    1.Within the class.
    2.Within the package.
    3.Out side the package but only in the case of is-a relationship.
  • Default-
    If we do not any access modifier to declare then the class member is consider as default member.
    1.Default member are visible within the class
    2.Within the package.
  • Private-
    Private is the access modifier which shows the least visibility if we declare any member as private then it is visible
    1.Only within that classes.